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Enchanted GARDEN

An extravagant getaway that turned into a magical night, an enchanted garden-themed wedding created with a dazzling concept - starry skies, greenery filling every corner, beauty and enchantment filling up the space.


An endless starry night sky , where tropical vibes flourished by the mediterranean sea, we created a magical night. Tropical florals, wild plants and palm trees intertwined with contemporary modern led lights created a one of a kind experience with live entertainment, drinks and great food.

Alta Moda

A contemporary south Italian inspired wedding. Not your average theme right? Bringing together different elements to create a mind boggling essence of Italy - as guests entered the venue, they were welcomed by hostesses holding huge feathers and dressed in extravagant ball gowns , arches made of hollow mesh intertwined with greenery and florals, guests were also given a branded coin to throw into a Trevi fountain inspired installation. Sicilian vibes were around every corner.

Celestial Paradise

An extravagant wedding held in Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea. The night was inspired by a celestial mood - full of stars, lights, attention to detail with branded elements in every corner.  



Wedding After Party inspired by the indian themed Holi Color festival, vibrant colors, oriental patterns and vibes of love everywhere.