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Our Story

byGanz Signature - Just Wonder  NYE’18

byGanz Signature - Just Wonder NYE’18

Founded in 2003 by Ahmed Ganzoury, byGanz has earned a reputable name as one of the most prestigious event-organizers in the region. Having produced over 300 events, byGanz has grown exponentially and has extended itself as a renowned professional and innovative strategist in PR operations.

byGanz has three main business segments branching from its name, renowned signature parties, extravagant weddings and entertaining corporate events. Working with a diverse range of high-profile clients, our team has harnessed widespread experiences in accommodating and developing PR activities for various segments and industries. From concept development, marketing & promotion, event logistics, to onsite management, each detail of our production is flawlessly executed through unfaltering attention and dedication from our team.

byGanz Weddings - Heavenly White

byGanz Weddings - Heavenly White

byGanz differentiates itself by delivering an Extraordinaire experience every time. Coming up with new, fresh and mind boggling concepts for every signature party, booking the finest names in the music industry and bringing you world class entertainment. byGanz weddings are like no other, we tailor our weddings to exceed every bride’s expectation. We focus on the finest and most precise details to make a woman’s dream come true. Not only that, byGanz creates innovative, technology aided corporate events, focusing on networking, interactivity and entertainment, we bring a unique experience, one that matches and reflect’s every company’s identity and personality. Our events are never mundane - a different atmosphere, a different feeling and a different experience is brought to you every time.

byGanz Corporate - Magdi Yacoub Annual Dinner 17’

byGanz Corporate - Magdi Yacoub Annual Dinner 17’

Our standard for quality has enabled us to assemble a catalog of top-quality suppliers, ensuring excellence through a melange of services from international hospitality, exquisite catering, to debuting world-renowned musical sensations. Our promise to our clients is the ability to deliver an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind experience. Here in byGanz we are persistently pushing the limit in our groundbreaking events, cutting-edge experiences, and phenomenal celebrations.

byGanz has always cared about different causes to give back to the community, our most recent events include: Magdi Yacoub Sohour Gala (2017 - 2018), Khayrazad (2018) and taking part in #TheBPRace for EgyptianParaAthletes (2018).

“It is with people like you, we are able to save lives”.

- Magdi Yacoub Foundation

byGanz always strives to exceed clients’ expectations year by year, expanding our database, pool of suppliers, world-renowned musicians and dedicated team. byGanz team works around the clock, exerting their passions, talents and ideas in order to deliver an exceptional experience every time. Always EXTRAORDINAIRE.